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For wastewater treatment and solid waste treatment, our company provides integrated wastewater treatment plants and machinery. We can provide a complete selection of equipment and solutions for industrial wastewater treatment, urban wastewater treatment and municipal solid waste treatment. Our equipment and machines can be applied in soybean processing plants, textile dyeing mills, paper mills, alcohol plants, plastic processing plants, food processing plants, pharmaceutical factories, and more. Shown below are some examples of our wastewater treatment and solid waste incineration equipment.

Wastewater Treatment Equipment

The package wastewater treatment plant produced by BETTER EPT can effectively remove BOD5, COD and NH3-N and can be built underground so it will not take up much space, or require constructing new buildings above the ground.

Solid Liquid Separation Equipment

The ceramic disc filter produced by BETTER EPT features a micro-porous ceramic filter plate, and can separate the solid and the liquid under vacuum suction and capillary action. The ceramic disc filter can be widely used in metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical, environmental, paper, petroleum and many other industries.

Waste Incinerator

    1. Waste Incinerator
    2. The solid waste incinerator produced by BETTER EPT can be used to treat several kinds of solid waste, including medical waste, animal bodies, industrial waste and residential waste. We can provide you several kinds of waste incinerator with different capability of waste treatment and we can provide customized waste incinerator that will meet your needs perfectly.

We are a trusted manufacturer of wastewater treatment equipment and have been constructing complete wastewater treatment plants with over 13 years of experience. We have provided complete sewage and wastewater treatment solutions for industrial and municipal applications. We can configure the plant with the right machines to meet customer requirements. Here are some examples of our wastewater treatment solutions. Whether you need sewage and wastewater machines or plants, we have the capability to provide custom products for you.

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